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I was so busy IMing my best friend about ZexSports that I didn’t notice Richard Branson sitting next to me! Ha!!!

Why does being at a conference = wear a suit … I’m going rock my pink hair. Ruffle things up a bit.

Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and she runs the household – @garyvee (said at the Pasadena, CA “Crush It” book signing)

The Blackberry app I told you about the other day for contact management… Yea not so much. It froze my phone like crazy. I deleted it. In other ph

Kick ass Blackberry app for Professional Relationship Management

Just ran across this awesome app for Blackberry . I have always wondered why Blackberry didn’t create features to enhance professional relationships.

Screw social media, just send an email = more money in it

Love this post I just read about successful IE profitable companies who use email marketing.