Wanna See | Big Buddha Emily High Tops in Metallic Silver (BTW WTF is Pewter!?)

So I saw these in black on Zappos and they were cool, but then I found them in metallic silver here and orgasmed… I noticed the color was called “Pewter” whatever the F that means…


SO I searched google images and there were all these images of the sneak in pewter but all the images looked like a sh*t color…

This is why I don’t totally trust online apparel shopping.  Camera quality, lighting and angles can change everything, especially with sneaks.  I know how pissed I am that my cell camera doesn’t take amazing photos, but these stores have a responsibility to display color code truth…

Look at this blah I came across… Like HOW are these ALL PEWTER!???!!!


I wanna see these in person and know the truth.  Because if they are the top photo, they are amaze and as you know chick sneaks are usually not my thing.